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Development of problem-solving techniques and methods, by modeling and analyzing the relationship between natural environment and human society, with the integration of various data and information from satellite and in-situ observation, statistics, and field survey.


Disaster Risk Reduction, Flood, River basin, Hydropower plant, Planning Poverty, GIS

Research Theme

Research and Educational System

Research and Educational System


Articles highlighting Kawasaki lab research projects are published on the website of University of Tokyo Future Society Initiative (FSI), a framework that brings together ongoing research projects that contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Research topics in FY2016

Engineering approach (Numerical simulation, spatial analysis)

Inclusive Flood Disaster Risk Reduction

Engineering approach + Social Science approach
(Questionnaire and interview survey, statistical analysis)

Media Coverage

The abstract of my current work is described at HarvardScience.
Title: Thinking globally and mapping locally


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Environmental Risk Management

Disaster Risk Management

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