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News 2009

Had a meeting at Asian Institute of Technology
Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

Had a meeting at Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment
Venue: Hanoi, Vietnam

Gave presentation at "8th International Symposium on New Technologies for Urban Safety of Mega Cities in Asia".
Title: Title: Cross-boundary water resources adaptation: A basic study for comparing a watershed approach and a political unit approach
Venue: Incheon, Korea

Completed 1.5 years overseas research at Harvard University, and returned to Tokyo.

Gave a guest lecture at Harvard's course "Engineering Sciences 6: Environmental Science and Technology" (Prof. S.T. Martin)
Title: Satellites: Tools for Monitoring Climate and Other Environmental Processes of Earth
Venue: Northwest building B101, Harvard University

Attend at the 5th World Water Forum
Venue: Istanbul, Turkey

Gave a guest lecture at Harvard's course "Engineering Sciences 165: Introduction to Environmental Engineering" (Prof. P. Rogers)
Title: GIS and Environmental Management
Venue: Piece Hall 114, Harvard University

Gave a guest lecture at Harvard's course "Government 1016: Spatial Models" (Dr. S. Srinivasan)
Title: Multivariate analysis: Remote Sensing
Venue: 61 Kirkland St., Room 202

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