March 9, 2018

Prof. Ikeuchi & Prof. Kawasaki Presented at DIAS Community Forum 2018

DIAS Community Forum 2018 was held in Tokyo on March 9, 2018. DIAS (Data Integration and Analysis System) aims to collect and store earth observation data, analyze such data in combination with socio-economic data, and convert data into information useful for crisis management with respect to global-scale environmental disasters. The objective of the Forum was to discuss further development for better access and usage of DIAS among both “producers” of the global-scale environmental data and “users” in the fields of water/disaster, agriculture/forestry/fisheries, and energy/distribution.

Followed by a data producer session “how to store data into DIAS,” a data user session “how to use data” was held. Under the theme “water and disasters” in the data user session, Prof. Ikeuchi presented on an overview of DIAS applications and its future development while Prof. Kawasaki made a report on optimal design systems for hydro-power facilities.


DIAS Community Forum 2018 Overview

Date: March 9, 2018
Venue: Ochanomizu Solacity Conference Center (Tokyo)
URL: DIAS Official Site


Prof. Ikeuchi & Prof. Kawasaki presenting at the theme-based session







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