October 1, 2017

Academic-Industry Collaboration Program “Water Cycle Data Integrator” Kicked Off

With the success of the “Water Cycle Data Integrator (WCI)” program supported by a single company during June 2014-May 2017, an extended WCI program was launched in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Tokyo on October 1, 2017 with the support of six corporate members.



Program Period: 3 years (October 1, 2017 – September 30, 2020)
Program Name: Water Cycle Data Integrator
Faculty: Prof. Koji Ikeuchi, Prof. Akiyuki Kawasaki
Sponsors: Asia Air Survey Co. Ltd., CTI Engineering Co. Ltd., TOKEN C.E.E. Consultants Co. Ltd., NIPPON KOEI Co. Ltd., PASCO Co., Yachiyo Engineering Co. Ltd.


This new program aims to promote research activities, education, and operational implementation of the data integration approach for addressing water cycle related issues. Using the Data Integration and Analysis System (DIAS), we investigate water cycle variations and its possible future changes and provide vital information for integrated water resources management practices including efficient water usage as well as mitigation of water-related disasters.

Research Projects

  1. Risk Assessment of Large Scale Floods and Countermeasures
  2. Developing Water-related Disaster Resilience System in Developing Countries
  3. Water and Energy Budget-based Distributed Hydrological Model (WEB-DHM)

Research Goals

Through cooperation and coordination among national and international research groups and institutes, we will stimulate data and information integration for the water cycle related fields and promote the use of DIAS for practical and operational applications for supporting decision making and planning. We also aim to initiate cooperation with various stakeholders by advancing efforts to combine analysis methods, data assimilation techniques, and prediction models that extend beyond any one field. By these actions, we will contribute to generation of scientific knowledge, which will help us to discover the wisdom needed for attaining the humanistic goal of sustainable development. At the same time, we hope to foster creation of an environment, where such knowledge and wisdom can be widely shared.


Department of Civil Engineering
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Academic-Industry Collaboration Program

Water Cycle Data Integrator

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