Integratedly analyzing data from satellite- and ground-based earth observations, outputs from climate and numerical weather prediction models, and geospatial and socio-economic information. Based on that, providing vital information for water-related disaster management and adaptation to climate change as well as efficient water usage. Creating a data integration platform on DIAS to combine hydrological data and models with data and models from various fields such as disasters, urban planning, and economics. Developing supporting methods for water-related disaster rick reduction and emergency response, and demonstrating pilot studies.

Koji Ikeuchi, Professor



Exploring new practical research fields by promoting multi-disciplinary research and conducting surveys and research for supporting decision-making process, problem solving, and addressing water-related social issues. Creating an academic platform supporting inter- disciplinary (among academics) and trans-disciplinary (between academics and society) cooperation in the water cycle and water-related fields.

Akiyuki KAWASAKI, Project Professor


Finding issues with regard to water cycle and water-related filed based on the changes of natural change such as climate change and socioeconomic change and evaluating the importance of them from various perspectives. Realizing the development of technologies and talents to overcome those issues by implementing trans-disciplinary researches with data integration.


Investigating land surface - atmosphere interactions using climate models and watershed models; understanding impacts of climate change on hydrologic and water resource systems; and the interplay between climate change and human activity; evaluating the damage of human activity on natural environment and applying geographic information system, satellite data analysis and modelling technique for understanding of water cycle fully and managing water resources sustainably.

Wei ZHONGWANG, Project Researcher

Chon MIHENG, Academic Support Specialist

Department of Civil Engineering
The University of Tokyo

Academic-Industry Collaboration Program

Water Cycle Data Integrator

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