Unit Member

Planning, designing, and development of a workbench to promote multi-discipline cooperation. Development of tools for supporting the decision-making process of policy makers based on integrated information. Supervising surveys, research, and educational activities on environmental problem solving and planning.

Toshio KOIKE, Professor


Exploring new practical research fields by promoting multi-disciplinary research and conducting surveys and research for supporting decision-making process, problem solving, and addressing water-related social issues. Creating an academic platform supporting inter- disciplinary (among academics) and trans-diciplinary (between academics and society) cooperation in the water cycle and water-related fields.

Akiyuki KAWASAKI, Associate Professor


Serving as an International Coordinator of the Unit activities. Promoting international collaboration, assisting in the development of an academic foundation using DIAS and promoting integration of water cycle related models and tools.

Petra KOUDELOVA , Research Associate

Nationality: Phillipines
Research theme: Regional Climate Modeling, Climate Change Analysis

Ralph Allen E. Acierto

Nationality: India
Research theme: Hydrological modelling, System design

Seemanta Sharma Bhagabati D3

Nationality: Sri Lanka
Research theme: Impact of water related disasters on poverty; Application to Sri Lanka"

Gouri De Silva. D2

Nationality: Japan
Research theme: Relationship between flood and poverty

Genki Kawamura M2

Nationality: Pakistan
Research theme: GIS-based evaluation of Hydropower potential

Abdul Moiz M2

Nationality: Japan
Research theme: Analysis of flood vulnerability based on future land use scenario; Bago river basin, Myanmar

Shin Yonehara M1

Nationality: Japan
Research theme: Land use prediction model, incorporating method of system dynamics and RDM -targeting Yangon

Daiki Yuya  M1

Nationality: Japan
Research theme: Optimization of the power generation dam's operation, considering CSR and residents' emotion

Takayuki Ando  B4

Nationality: Japan
Research theme: Residents' campaign concerning dam construction

Taihei Haga  B4

Department of Civil Engineering
The University of Tokyo

Corporate Sponsored Research and Education Unit

Water Cycle Data Integrator

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